By award-winning composer, lyricist, writer Morris Bobrow

"There's no more polished master of the original musical revue than
Bobrow. He packs lyrics with comic ideas."  -San Francisco Chronicle

"Bobrow is one of the wittiest and classiest songwriters around.  He has a
marvelous facility for taking almost any subject and writing sophisticated,
witty and very incisive lyrics plus equally infectious music."
-Hollywood DramaLogue

"Bobrow has the uncanny ability to create revue material that examines
every imagineable angle of his main topic." -San Jose Mercury News

"Bobrow has to be one of the most clever lyricists on the planet."

"Bobrow's funny incisive lyrics prick the pompous, while expressing his
own plea for a more tolerant, compassionte society."
-San Francisco Bay Times

"Bobrow has the wonderful ability to find a commonplace subject, discover
its thoroughly offbeat humor and set it down in snappy lyrics and
sophisticated music."  -Marin Independent Journal

"It is his humor and 'out of left field' rhymes that make a Bobrow show an
evening of fun." -KABL Radio

"Bobrow has a no-holds barred relationship with his sharp and unyielding
pen. It's compassionate because Bobrow approaches his subject with the
essential ingredients of humanity and empathy." -Lifestyle

"Bobrow's lyrics show an intelligent depth and understanding of human
nature, its foibles and its penchant to rip itself into shreds of doubt."
-San Francisco Bay Times

"Gad, that Morris Bobrow is clever!"  -Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle