"Everybody's gotta eat, but not everybody can laugh at it.  Learn how it's
done from the talented cast of
Foodies! The Musical.  Nobody's food
habits are sacred around this crew of singer/actors assembled by the
award-winning composer and lyricist Morris Bobrow.
San Francisco drips with multi-talented artists, but
Foodies! surpasses
expectations with this polished musical revue. Clever song titles like
and Breath Threat keep the audience laughing as actors move in
and out of characters who love kitchen gadgets or hate organ meats or
wax poetic about bottled water - in other words, spoofs on ourselves and
our friends.
If you eat and drink, and if your friends do,
Foodies! is for you.  Grab a
date with a sense of humor and get your tickets now."
San Francisco Theater District
"I've got a tip for you.  Went to see last night Foodies! The Musical. It was
hilarious.  These people are amazing. This is very intimate theater. It is
great. I highly recommend it."
-KGO's "On The Go"
"Everybody does it . . . we all look forward to breakfast, lunch and dinner .
. . and unless we are anorexic, we indulge in all three, every day.  But, in
the Bay Area, eating and the food experience have been elevated to a
pretentious and elaborate ritual.  Morris Bobrow pokes fun at it all in this
new, delightful and all too real spoof about what advertising, health
addicts and the medical community have managed to do to our eating
All the habits we have adopted, the hangups that guide us, the foolishness
in the name of health we read about and hear about every day are
lampooned in this tuneful, energetic, beautifully paced little musical.   We
smile; we tap our feet; and we love every  minute of this performance
because each person in the audience has experienced the frustration of
worrying about what the food we are eating ate, and the humiliation of
cooking a wonderful meal that no one likes.  It has happened to all of us,
but in
Foodies! The Musical, we don't throw pots and pans at one another,
we laugh.
Don't miss this opportunity for a unique, laugh-filled hour filled with
unforgettable tunes by the very talented Morris Bobrow, composer of
Shopping! The Musical and Party of 2 - The Mating Musical. The cast work
together as a team and yet each one shines in his own way.  The music is
hummable and never detracts from the movement on stage.  The show is
as marvelous to watch as it is to hear.  It doesn't get much better that."
-for all events
"And, now, for a new way of looking at food, go immediately to see
Foodies! The Musical . Written and directed by Morris Bobrow, it is an
uproariously hilarious production that shows us how to laugh at how we
eat. Each of the four cast members pulls off some of the funniest skits
performed in a small, intimate setting, allowing the audience to feel
connected to the subjects and players. In fact, you may find yourself  or
your friends portrayed in a heightened sense of what we really act like
around food and in restaurants. My jaw hurt from smiling and laughing out
loud at the antics that seemed all too recognizable. The titles, "Bad
Timing" and "Checking Out" and concepts such as reservations counselor
and designer water should whet your appetite for buying tickets ASAP.
Don't miss
Foodies! The Musical. You'll laugh yourself hungry."
KGO Radio
"Foodies! The Musical is a tuneful, beautifully paced little musical that will
run forever.
The lyrics by Morris Bobrow are clever and sophisticated.  It is a show for
everyone who enjoys hearing lighthearted songs about eating.  It is
reminiscent of those Upstairs/Downstairs revues in Greenwich Village or
the Billy Barnes musicals in Los Angeles.
Four very talented singers sing and pontificate about the ubiquitous
obsession with food. They skewer eating habits, restaurants, trends,
quirks, Yelp reviews, dietary restrictions, cooking shows, overzealous food
writers, Groupons, eating in the car, food trucks and food critics.
You'll laugh yourself hungry."
talkin' Broadway
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"A SAN FRANCISCO THEATRICAL GEM!  This is a beautifully paced,
bouncing and tuneful little musical. The show is filled with memorable
-for all events